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The incorporation of technology into our classrooms is a mission critical component to Farber Hebrew Day School’s 21st century learning initiative. From our elementary computer courses to our “Bring Your Own Device” program for High School students, the use of technology is embraced across grade levels and educational levels.

Using computers in a dedicated lab and Chromebooks in each classroom, students are exposed to 4 major technology strands: Device Use; Navigation, Interaction, and Research; Productivity, Creativity, and Communication; and Digital Citizenship. Students utilize tools from Google Apps for Education (such as Docs, Sheets, Presentation, Forms, and more). Lessons and skills are often integrated with other curriculum resulting in project based assessments.

Farber Hebrew Day School’s Education Technology Director oversees technology implementation of faculty while developing and overseeing a technology curriculum for our students with benchmarks set by grade level to ensure appropriate college preparation. Our Ed Tech Director provides ongoing training of classroom teachers while providing them with technology resources to support their curriculum.

Farber is also a CIPA compliant institution.