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Give or Get Coordinator

Dear Akiva Families:

My name is Karyn Faber and I am your new liaison for the Akiva Give or Get Program.  During the twenty years I have been an Akiva parent, I have been gratified to see Akiva’s impressive growth and steady improvement. As you are probably aware, “full” tuition does not cover the expenses of educating an Akiva student.  Those additional expenses are offset by parents either volunteering 20 hours of time (“give”) or soliciting donations for the Auction or Annual Dinner Banquet (“get”).  A $500 payment to the school or combination of service work and $25 per service hour also satisfies the Give or Get obligation.   Give or Get commitment is a contractual agreement that every family with an Akiva Nursery 2 through Grade 12 student must fulfill with services or payment.

This year it’s my job to track everyone’s participation in the Give or Get program, and to let you know about some recent changes in the program.  First, each family has to donate the 20 service hours and/or meet the monetary requirements. Second, only the activities specifically designated by the school administration count towards the Give and Get obligation.  A list of all approved activities is attached to this letter.  Parents will not receive Give or Get credits for driving students on field trips, helping host their child’s classroom party, or other activities that benefit only a specific class.  Third, parents are responsible for making sure that their Give or Get hours are written down on the pink Give or Get Participation Form and directly handed to a staff member in the Akiva Main Office within 2 weeks of the activity.  “Activity Coordinators” are not responsible for turning in parents’ Give or Get hours on the form.

The pink Give or Get Participation Forms are in a wall file outside of the Akiva Main Office.  If the form is not turned into the office, your time will not be recorded.  After two weeks, the office cannot guarantee the time will be credited to your Give or Get account.

Within the next few weeks, I will be calling each family to answer any questions that you may have. I plan to have current records of everyone’s Give or Get.  In the interim, please feel free to e-mail me at karyn.giveorget@gmail.com if you have any questions about Give or Get or about this letter.
Karyn Faber
Akiva Give or Get Coordinator